I’m very chuffed and proud of my volunteers who contributed a fantastic set of data visualisations to a report just published in September by the Edinburgh Building Retrofit and Improvement Collective:


Some very interesting results, but I’ll let the report speak for itself rather than duplicate the analysis here.

I’ll simply add the D4CAE perspective - which is to say this project has been a very worthwhile endeavour for our group, a very positive milestone in our development. This collaborative effort taught us some interesting things about mapping data, working together and timing. Special thanks to Giorgi Amirkhanashvili for doing the painstaking work of creating the data visualisations, bringing his considerable expertise, and to the indefatigable Mick Patrick for being our EBRIC partner, relaying frequent updates to-and-fro continually.

Edinburgh Building Retrofit and Improvement Collective - Homeowners Questionnaire (Summer 2023): Report